Trucking Insurance

Commercial trucking insurance for trucks used for business purposes, including long-haul trucking, short-haul trucking, auto fleets, business auto, motor truck cargo, and more.

What Does PPCI Provide?

  • Protection if an incident, claim, or lawsuit occurs
  • Partnership approach by collaborating and working together
  • Flexible underwriting and customized coverage
  • Online certificates of insurance
  • Ability to add or delete vehicles and drivers online
  • Risk management expertise to help avoid costly claims
  • 24/7 claims hotline
  • In-house attorneys who deliver extraordinary claims results


  • Auto Liability
  • Auto Physical Damage
  • New Operators Coverage
  • Hired & Non-Hired Auto
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Non-Owned Trailer Liability
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage
  • Commercial GL for Terminal Operation
  • Excess Coverage Available
  • See State Availability

3 Facts You Need To Know

  1. Drivers on their phone are 23 times more likely than others to suffer from a vehicle accident – yet virtually all of today’s taxi drivers use mobile phones or other GPS systems to navigate.
  2. 74% of all fatal passenger vehicle cases include a large truck.
  3. 60% of crashes involving commercial vehicles occurred on rural roads, while only 25% of them occurred on rural or urban interstate highways.

One Last Thing…

Even if you have losses, substandard DOT scores, moving violations, problems on MVRs and/or SAFER Reports, etc. we can provide options. PPCI provides flexible underwriting, risk management expertise, and extraordinary claims results for commercial auto owners, employers, and operators who need to insure their vehicles and drivers.

No risks are bound until expressly accepted by PPCI, upon receipt of all requested information, and the return of the applicable premium. In most cases, premium financing options are included with the quote.

There are no minimum premium requirements.